<h1>Cheap affordable wedding photography in Reading Berkshire for those on a budget.
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Affordable Wedding Photography in Reading Berkshire

Your wedding day is a very special day but once the ceremony and reception are over, the cake is eaten, the dress back in it's box in the loft and the cars long gone all you have left are the photographs (and of course your better half!)

With the recent economic downturn and things being a little tight moneywise one way to save some of the costs of your wedding day is to ask a friend or "Uncle Jim" to take some snaps for you so you can remember the day. Be careful however, Uncle Jim might take a pretty good picture of the Scottish Highlands on his holiday but does that really set him up for the pressures of photographing your big day? What happens if it rains, can he marshall people around to tight timescales, is his equipment upto the job? Maybe the answer is yes but can you afford the risk?

We have the answer:

A low cost no frills budget professional wedding photography package for £500.

What you get:

  • Up to 4 hours of photography by a professional photographer
  • 2 venues, the ceremony and the reception venue
  • All images supplied on CD-Rom/DVD
  • Exposure correction of images if needed
  • Limited colour correction of images
  • High resolution images suitable for printing up to 15 x 10
  • Accepted by all major online photo printers
  • Full right to all images for personal use.

What you don't get:

  • Prints, albums, slideshow, video or website
  • We will only discuss arrangement by phone or email (or letter!)
  • No commercial rights to images - you can't sell them to "Hello"

We are restricting visits and chatting to keep our overheads as low as possible so please don't ask for deals or discounts!

Want to know more?

First have a look at our other websites, see if our main site packages and pictures are the type of thing you are looking for. If so we are the same people all we have done is produced a no frills economic package. By limiting what you get we are able reduce overheads and bring you professional wedding photography for a vastly reduced cost. If you want the visits and whistles and bells then that is fine! Book our silver or image only package from one of the other sites! If however you are working to a strict budget then call us and lets see what we can do!

Availability to December 2014

0118 961 7591 | info@affordable-wedding-photos.co.uk

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